Collect the
places you love.

As you hurry by an intriguing cafe or shop, shouldn’t you be able to instantly tag it, just like bookmarking a website? We think so, and this is why invented Krumbz.


  • Your places all in one easy to follow trail

    The MyTrail page shows all of your krumbs in the order found them so that you can find your way back.

  • Add notes and pictures!
    Share if you want.

    Add a note, change any part of a Krumb, and add a picture from your phone. Or Krumbz will help you find a location related picture.

  • Found an interesting place?

    The next time you discover a stellar spot, simply drop a Krumb. We’ll instantly research & organize it for you to visit later.

  • Don't have time to stop?
    Drop a krumb in a tap!

    The Krumb Widget is the fastest way to drop Krumbz. No need to unlock your phone & open the app


Our world is full of
amazing places to discover.

"Let's remember to come back here someday" how often do you say that phrase and actually follow up on it. What if there was a fast and simple way to leave reminders in your travels and be reminded of them?

  • The Simplest, Fastest way to save the places you encounter.
  • No forms to fill out. You're a busy person, Krumbz fills out all the details for you. You can add notes and pictures later.
  • Your private collection always with you. Your Krumbz are, well yours. No forced sharing or social networks. Your krumbs are always with you and searchable throughout your phone.
  • Popular places and off the grid -- Krumbz helps you keep track of it all. Whether it's that hot new restaurant with lines around the corner or that scenic overlook that you're dying to take pictures of.


How do you always find these out of the way spots?

You know those people who simply always seem to know just where to go; discover the best cafes / stores / bakeries? They may have a their own secret way to remember, but now you have Krumbz.

Places you like to Eat

To be you the Lunchtime Superstar you know you are, or just to try that new discovery.

Places you like to play

Work + Sleep + Brushing Teeth = way too much time. So when you play, you need to know just where to go.

Places you like to Shop

Who ever said “it’s not the gift that counts”, certainly was’t you. Show the love with the perfect gift.

Places you like to Be

So you can find that beautiful rose garden again, so that you can stop and smell them. That’s the point!


Stop reading all those ridiculous "recommendations", and get out and explore your world with Krumbz.


This is about making it easier to discover great places, so....

  • "Easily add a Krumb in under 2 taps", how does that work?

    We know that you're busy and that other apps have failed to convince you to use them to check-in record places with your phone. So we made it SUPER EASY with the Krumbz widget. Just swipe down from the top of your iPhone screen, scroll to the widget, and tap "drop krumb". That's it. When you have time later, you can update the krumb if you want.

  • Are my Krumbs private?

    Your krumbs are 100% private and yours. We don't keep track of your information or share it without permission. This is your personal collection of coveted places to remember.

  • How does Krumbz know what place I meant to remember?

    When you drop a krumb, the app tries it best to suggest a list of places near you in order to save you time entering in tons of details. Sometimes you're going to encounter a new place that we don't know about yet or you've gone off road (hiking anyone?), in those cases we'll record your exact location, time and other simple details. You can enter the rest -- like "Amazing view of the waterfall".

  • Can I organize my Krumbz, combine and share them?

    Yes! Krumbz let's you categorize your krumbs and share they however and with whomever you like. Just tap on the share icon and pick where you want to share.

  • Can I add notes to my Krumbz?

    Yes! You can add notes, and change any detail about a Krumb by tapping the edit button. Even change the picture to anything you want.

  • Will Krumbz drain my battery?

    No. Unlike other location based apps that are battery vampires, Krumbz does not run in the background or actively use the GPS on your phone, so your battery life is safe.


Discovering great places is easy, but remembering them seems impossible. Here's how Krumbz makes it work.

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